Monday, 24 November 2008

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.
- Edmund Burke

Still haven't been contacted by tax credits, child benifit or bromford housing, i've left them messages again though. Tax credits is aimed to be sorted within thirty days, i can't remember the exact date i claimed but i think that means i should be contacted by next week... So yeah, the me and James being friends thing was goig alright to be honest, nothing major to report about it really, until today... Here is out conversation.

"Wa else could happen to me? I owe everyone money! The bank, the government, my family i can't afford to live! My wife has left me i have nowhere to look after my son i have nothin going for me i'm going to become on of the big issue people."

"You're being ridiculous your "terrible" life is no worse than mine and i'm coping fine. It could be a hell of alot worse so stop sulking and do something about it"

"Okay, so what contracts have you got? what do you have to pay or else you get locked up?"

"Sorry i forgot i said our lives are identical. Just because they aren't the same dosn't mean they aren't both as bad. You owe out money, i owe out money. Your relationship broke down, my relationship broke down. You have a home you can't afford, i don't have a home. It could be a hell of alot worse so like i said, stop sulking and get off your arse and do something about it."

"I'd like to spend so
me time with my son, atleast you can go to the housing and say your homeless i can't do that and i'm low priority because i have a home. I'm not trying to say that my life is worse and i'm not trying to make it into a competition i was just saying and i wish i hadn't of said it to you becuse you basically slapped me in the face! I'm scared and worried, sorry for being human and having feelings!"

"Oh fuck you. I never said don't have feelings. You're just being a twat now. And isn't spending time with your son what you do saturday - tuesday? hmm. And actually if you can't afford the rent you can do a homeless application on the basis that you're about to become homeless. Sorry if what i'm saying feels like a slap in the face but in my opinion you brought all this upon yourself so don't expect any sympa
thy. You might be scared and worried. So am i. but i'm not sulking about it am i? So like i said get off your arse and do something about it. you're clearly making everything seem worse than it is anyway."

"Oh thankyou you're so right i'm sorry i was making something out of nothing thank you for clearing that up for me i feel better now! :)"

"Lol you're such a child. I didn't say you were making something out of nothing. I said you were making it all seem worse than it is. anyway i don't care. It could be a hell of alot worse, and you should think yourself lucky. If all you have to say is how terrible your life is and then speak to me like shit just because i don't put m
y arm around you and pretend like you've got it worse than anyone else then you can fuck off."

"You know what i bet you don't treat all your friends like this! I bet if any of your other friends went through what i am you'd comfort them."

"It would depend why though wouldn't it James. And honestly no. I'm as upfront and blunt with everyone else as i am with you"

"I'n that case i'm sorry i thought you were being funny cuz its me..."


And well thats it so far. Am i being too harsh? I figure it really could be a hell of alot worse, and sitting around sulking isn't going to make anything any better. He has a beautiful son, a loving supportive family, a roof over his head, clothes on his back, food on his plate, air in his lungs and friends at his side. Thats a hell of alot more than some people have am i right? I mean i understand he might want comforting, but i'm not the one to give it to him, and even if i were i wouldn't because its not going to help him in the slightest is it? he's not going to feel any better and his situation isn't going to be ny better after a hug and some kind words is it? On a different note, Someone have fireworks with me for new years? But not ON new year, 'cuz i'll have Justin. Who loves me enough to start 2009 early and celebrate on the 27th/28th? lol. Also, bar Lou clearly because i'm going to hers for christmas can we have like a 2nd xmas in January? (when everything's cheaper) Ly all. Oh and also that website/blog is a god send! Anyway i'm off for now 'cuz my little brother wants to computer and i want a cigarette. much love. xx

Lolz lolz lolz at life Paul picked me up from Ami's again today, lolz lolz lolz at life. I'm so merry i could dance, i won't though... Idk why i even went to Ami's, we did nothing, i ate some chocolate spread, that was good. :) Justins back tomorrow, i'm so exiteeeddd. :) Going to my nans about 1 and then James is bringing him down at 2. :) yays, i misses him. got to clean & make up some bottles first :)
Thats all for tonight really, there was nothing overly interesting to blog about...

(12:44:38 AM) Archie.: add more to your blog
(12:44:39 AM) Archie.: lol
(12:44:41 AM) Archie.: i keep re-reading
(12:44:59 AM) Boredom kills: to what, todays? theres nothing more to add haha.
(12:45:24 AM) Archie.: lol :( i know
(12:45:29 AM) Archie.: but i wish there gets addictive
(12:45:43 AM) Boredom kills: :) nice to know.

Thats nice. :)

Thought i'd post my reviews so far, i think i will weekly. :)


  1. is nothing i say private anymore?

  2. Clearly not mate.


    Ily Jess.