Saturday, 29 November 2008

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. - Oscar Wilde

What a lovely quote, i haven't heard that one in a while. :) Justin just did the single most amazing thing in the world. He, took his dummy out of his mouth... held it for a bit and then... put it back in. Anybody who isn't a parent will not understand how amazingly fantastically amazing and fantastic it was, anyone who is, should. :) I wish I'd recorded it, but obviously i wasn't expecting it lol. What a wonderful start to the morning. I'm supposed to be going to the youth center today but i just feel so blah that i couldn't possibly, I'm so ill its unfair. I blame Louisa for not convincing me to call the doctors. Haha i joke. She's been nagging me to call i just haven't gotten around to it yet, so my fault, all my fault, i take all of the blame. Still though, i feel bloody lousy, I'll email Kirsty in a bit. Sorry to everyone that will be there & enjoy your party John. :) I didn't check the bank at 12 last night because my dad kicked me off the computer at half eleven and was playing ghost recon or however you spell it until ridiculous hours in the morning (long after I'd gone to bed at about half 2) So i only just managed to check it, all full of hope that following such a good night and morning my money would have come in, has it? Of course not, don't be bloody stupid. Grrr, lets hope its in by Monday ey? If it's not, i am well and truly fucked. I'm owed this money and i bloody well need it. :O shocking as it is i have this little boy who is entirely dependant on me, for four days out of the week anyway and shockingly enough he needs milk and nappies and wipes and what not. Talking about that, he goes to his dads again today. :( I hate Saturday afternoons lol. :( Seriously, 2pm on a Saturday is probably the worst moment of my life, every week. Kirsty next door got a new dog last night, or so she said but she said she was going to text me when she got it home and she hasn't, I'll give her a call later in the day and see if she actually did, a little puppy but i can't remember for the life of me what, and if anyone comments this saying "a dog" or "a puppy" i will slit my throat. No, I'm joking, but i will cry a lot. No ones online, which i guess is to be expected at 7am, but I'm still lonely, i may have to add a chat bot to msn again like back in the insomnia days lmao, i only end up arguing with them mind, hence why i deleted them. for anyone who thinks I'm joking, I'm not. The amount of arguments I've had with random msn chat bots is untrue, magic eight ball in particular, he's such a liar, damn chat bot.

It's my baby sisters birthda today, she's 12, so she's not my baby sister but she's my little sister lol. I can't believe she's twelve already, shes all growed up. :( But yeah so my grandad and auntie came over. :) Twas plesant lol and we were talking about when iwas a babi i was very iondeipendant and opinionated and my grandad said i still am and "you might make the wrong choices but atleast you make them" which i found quite funny.
I'm not sure if its my mind playing tricks because its so close to christmas or if i can actually smell cinamon really strongly. lol. Awh, i have
three of the sweetest pictures to upload. One is Bella and Maegan one is Me and Bella and one is Me, Bella and Justin. :)

I'm well happy today. James is late, but fair enough conisdering christmas shopping saturday traffic in town... Starting to feel abit better nw, but not much lol. I don't know if i'm supposed to be going to Ami's later or Mikes but i cba to walk so theres a dilemma really. Even if i got the bus i can't afford taxi homeness. :( how sad. Hahahhahahaha my phone just went of i love the tone, its scooby doo. =] How exiting.

How is it that i went out at 6 and am only returning now, i only planned to be out for an hour... lmfao. Yet there's nothing overly interesting to write about. I ate icecream. I drank sours. I watched a strange film that made so sence. I played who wants to be a millionare. I came home. Lolz. Good times good times. Oh i also drew some pretty hearts on my face in eyeliner. :) but that is about it, how fun. I've just watched the end of what i imagine was a film called the things i've never told you, or something like that, it looks really good, now i've seen the end so its kind of ruined it for me but i want to watch it, if anyone i know has it, lend it me? ly x

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  1. aw thanks jess
    i hope u feel better soon
    u be missed today:)