Friday, 28 November 2008

The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.

The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. - Albert Einstien.

Sing the happy happy happy haoppy happy happy song... I am so truly merry today, i couldn't tell you why though. :) Justins being very fussy though, he woke up at half 5 instead of half 6 then wanted his hal;f 12 feed at half 11 and now he's just fussing fo no reason what so ever, bless him the poor doodle. So he's having a lovely little cuddle with mommy now :) And apprently enjoys typing. lol. I'm not here long anyways just popped on to make my first entry not that i have anything majorly interesting to talk about so much to do today, thousands of people to call... stress. My moneys still not come through either, so i really could not tell you why i'm so merry. Meeting Zoie at 5 later for the gig. :) And now i'm off to phone the doctors about this cough. :( x

Oh and, new reviews...

I was going to say something amusing but i forgot... Oh yes, how upsetting is the fact that all i have clean (and nice) Is a sparkly vest top and a pvc skirt, for a gig at the carling... LMFAO. I won't look a prat... Oh well. I'm chuffed the skirt fits, i haven't worn it since like 2004-5. Looks alright anyway and i have 3 pairs of tights on to help combat the weather, it wont work, but until i leave i can kid myself... Yawns, i'm knackered. Oh ell, I'm off to meet Zoieeeeebums. ly all x

So turns out Zoie couldn't come tonight, so i went alone, oh yes i did and that makes me cool oh yes it does. They were truly awesome, despite my not liking them beforehand, now, i do. They were actually really good. :) Lol at my little sister though, i got home and she said word for word "those are high heels, your skirt is... and its very...." Lmao i love her. :) Justin was good while i was gone apparently so thats all good. Whoever thought it was a good idea to wear 6 inch heels to a gig? Me, why? because i'm a god damned idiot thats why! My feet are fucking killing me, its ridiculous how much they hurt! Right, so, pic from tonight, i'll put video's up at some point but don't expect them any time soon. I am aware by the way of how red my face looks/how miserable i look (i was told by the bouncer when i went out for a fag that if i didn't smile he wouldn't let me back in lolz) in this photo, sad times, but i like it anyway. :)

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  1. As always I read this before i did myspace/fp...and well :D enjoy your concert...and i'll look forward to blogstalking you later.

    Off to northampton...i'll text youssss.

    Love you dearest.

    As always.