Thursday, 20 November 2008

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. - Winston Churchill

It's funny, today's gone exactly the same as yesterday so far, in the Justin sense anyway. I know that's normal but its not normal for him to stick to a routine. He woke up at four for a feed, woke up at eight but wasn't hungry till nine. Played until 11 and then wanted a nap and now i bet he'll be up for his feed at 12. :) Only difference is today i gave him a bath lol :). You know, I've tried thousands of types of nappies, well i say thousands but I've tried Morrison's, asda, huggies, pampers and some other brand I'm not sure what it was and pampers stay dry are by far the best. I swear by them. I sound like an advertisement but still, they are fantastic i recommend them to everyone, well everyone that uses nappies. They might be a little more expensive than other brands but they hold water better and last longer so you use less so really, it is better value in the long run. Lou told me today/yesterday whenever the message was sent lol that she trusts me, made me feel really good to be honest, it's nice to be told you're trusted. I don't really have too much to say this morning, but I'm very happy. I'd tell you why if i knew maybe its that super noodle sandwich i had last night (gross i know, don't judge it was quick and filling and it tastes pretty damn good) I'm thinking of buying a bath support for Justin from asda its only about £10 but I'm not sure if they're any good or not, in theory though i imagine they simply make bath time a hell of a lot easier right? If anyone's used one, let me know what you think.
This is it, click, but lucky me they're out of stock anyway. I'll try boots. :)

Turns out boots had nothing either, well not the small one in Chelmsley wood anyway. I should have figured that really oh well was worth a look i needed nappies, wipes and sponges anyway. I've got a day saver now so i might ask my dad if he can watch Justin for a bit later and I'll run to asda and see. They still have the tummy time baby gym i liked in Woolworth's but it wouldn't fit in the bottom of the pram and would have been too heavy to carry back on the bus so i had to give it a miss. I quite like one in the Argos now anyhow its the same price but its a kick gym with lights and sounds and such, i like the idea of that and I'm pretty sure Justin will do. We had a lovely play time with Bella just but he started getting tired so i popped him to bed which is just as well because i was getting peckish lol. I noticed today that with the prices of everything at the moment its surprising that the rich and famous can afford Christmas never mind us poor people. Luckily I'm at a friends this Christmas so i don't have to worry about things like decorations and food, but i feel for everyone else on my budget that does because I'm finding it hard myself. I have in total 10 people to buy for. Both my sisters, my brother, my mom, my dad & step mom, Justin, Lou, Ami & Zoie. Even if i decide to spend only £5 on each that's £50 not including wrapping paper and cards and from looking around the shops today it seems you can't get a decent gift for under a fiver anymore. Especially not for baby's. Looks like it's eBay all the way this year, but with postage prices, it never really works out much cheaper, you're just saving on travel expenses... I'm trying to work out whether advantage cards are worth it or not, i got a leaflet for a boots card today, i figure if i buy my nappies from there all the time and wipes and milk then i will make up enough points to get something decent, right? but then again i don't entirely understand the points system, surely people wouldn't do it if it wasn't worth it though?

I don't get to watch eastenders tonight, boo for me because my dads watching the news and i had to go to the shop at half 7. I'll have to watch it on on demand tomorrow, so no one tell me what happens okay? Though i read on the front of a magazine this morning that "Max confesses Tanya didn't do it" and also that "Phil sleeps with Shirley" :O:O:O Shocking! I didn't think Tanya did it in the first place mind, i think it was Lauren because it would be funny ooh or maybe Bradley. Could someone please tell me when and how i got hooked into watching soaps again? It's been years, literally years, i don't know how this happened lol. Lou said the other day that she wanted us to wear dresses for Christmas, i think she was joking but I'm starting to come around to the idea, i quite like dresses. The one on the side is my favorite at the moment. £18 from george at asda, what do you think? not very Christmassy though :(.

You know when you stop and think for a little while and then really wish you hadn't? I hate having nothing to do. I don't even know what i was thinking about. I just got angry lol, i hate that, damn. The news is on in the background, its sick it disgusts me what people do to children and how people use them to make money, its horrific and inexcusable how dare people treat another human being in that way, especially children that can't stand up for themselves, sorry to be SO conformist as to be talking about what everybody else is but this physically sickens me!

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