Sunday, 26 July 2009

I forgot my usb stick.


I forgot to bring my usb stick to my dads so so far you don't have the last two weeks of blogging but i've got to pop to mine in a bit anyway to get baby milk and other items so then plan is to pick it up then but i'm super busy today so probably wont post until tomorrow.

Once Justin's gone down for his nap i have to wash bottles and sterilise them with hot water because i don't know how to work my dads new steriliser then i have to go to mine and get a change of clothes and my toothbrush because i forgot it because i'm dim. and also get some baby milk so i can make the bottles up. and then i guess it wld be a pretty good idea to tidy my dads house up abit as it isn't in the neatest state right now, i'll get david to help me with thtat and then i'm taking him to the vodaphone shop in town to see if they can fix his phone and then we should probably see if we can get any food or something my dad left us with £20 for food so we should be able to get some, i've already gone and got some bread. :)

I wonder if there's any money in my bank, i don't think there is but its worth checking in times like this, i could do with some alcomahol to be honest lol.

I have just under a tenner, anyway i best go do everything i need to do. x

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