Monday, 25 May 2009

Patience is a virtue...

Here is my blog entries over the last two weeks, i am very late and very sorry and posting from my dads.

I really didn't want to be out of bed yet but the health visitor came over, i forgot she was coming over. I'm still feeling really ill. :( So i am drinking lemonade to hydrate me and eating toast because i am damn hungry and trying to line my stomach with something i can possibly keep there.

Justin's been having his juice now, not much but he has it lol. and his little baby biccies, they're so cute.

My plan yesterday was to upload a load of pictures onto my blog but for some unknown reason they wouldn't upload off my dads computer and i know if i try to do it off here it will cost me an arm and a leg, i might ask my nan if i can use her computer but last i heard it was broken...

I need to go out at some point today because i need milk but i really can not be bothered to move that alone get dressed and get Justin dressed and go out lol. I really do feel lousy.

I borrowed The catcher in the rye off my dad yesterday i've practically finished it now but its one of those books that i've never really liked all that much but because everyone is always raving about it i always feel like i've missed something and therefore read it again every once in a while. This time it's better than last, but i still don't like it. Well, i don't DISLIKE it, but it isn't anywhere near as good as everyone says, i'd much rather read perks.

I'm very curious as to why yesterdays post secrets were mothers day secrets when i'm pretty sure mothers day was ages ago... lol. I can't wait until the new book comes out lol.

I've just had an amazing idea, i want to have a post secret party where everyone makes post cards!!! haha. Only because its post secrets, noone would want anyone to see their secrets so noone could show off their handywork lol... Unless, everyone wrote down a secret and then everyone picked a secret so everyone was doing someone else's secret but noone knew who's was who's! Wow how brilliant i shall have to pitch this idea to Ami and Lou...

(8)When the kids on the street say whats your problem girl and the weight of their smile gets to much for you to bear when they all make you feel like you're the problem girl remember, you're no problem at all.

How pretty is that?

Well, very in my opinion. I feel so ill.

So very very ill. Why is nobody up? I would very much like someone to be up and to want to do something because i do not want to sit around my flat all day being ill.

My neck really hurts i think i must have slept funny or something god knows but my neck REALLY hurts its all stiff and painy lol.

I should really tidy up but i do not know if i have the energy lol. I need to make bottles up before about one but that is all i really NEED to do so that is probably all i will do even though i should sort out wet clean dirty and dry clothes take the rubbish out and just generally tidy up, i physically can not be bothered i am far to ill. :(

I'm going to go and do my shopping tomorrow and actually try to get a decent shop for a little amount of money because i always buy random sht that i don't need or even want and its expensive and well, i just don't like having an empty fridge, i'm not sure why, i just hate it, it makes me feel like a failure at life.

I want an omlette but am clever enough to know that if i eat anything containing eggs i'll be horrendously sick. Eggs make me feel ill at the best of times, don't get me wrong, i really like eggs but sometimes they just don't agree with me. I want a kfc, oh my god i'm so hungry.

What i really don't understand is why i am still feeling so ill, if i'm just hungover then surely that should have gone away last night, i didn't even drink that much! Seriously, i had like, ten drinks, if that. I'm going to go for a cigarette and possibly make some tea with the last drop of milk i have. Then i need to make up some bottles and phone my nan to see if her computer is working.

I need to speak to Ami, i phoned her yesterday and she was suiciding but wouldn't explain why and we arranged that i'd phone her later and she would explain so later, i phoned, i text and i phoned again and got nothing, i think i've text her this morning aswell but nothing back yet as far as i am aware, i can never work out if that girl is dead, asleep, depressed or ignoring me. lol. ttfn. x

Mike wants waking up at nine... lol. I didn't blog at all yesterday oh my, how terrible, i was busy, i went shopping with Ami and head breakfast at morrisons and it was the best breakfast i have ever had. Seriously try some morrisons toast. Its beautiful. Then i came home and watched dvds and Mike came over. I watched notting hill, a cinderella story and closer. Which means i watched two julia roberts films in both she was called anna, how odd. lol.

I have an appointment at the hairdressers at 11. I'm going to sort this upsetting blonde mop out lol.

Justins being well good with his new routine, it's so cute, i'm going to make tea, ttfn x

SUNDAY 17 MAY 2009
I have hardly blogged at all all week, sorry. I've been busy but i'm not sure what doing. My stick is wet and that is not as bad as it sounds, i had a shower but i wanted a lollypop so to save time i had a lollypop in the shower, major fail.

I don't know why i'm bothered to type all this up i've lost my usb card... :( because i am a big thick shit. It has all those lovely photo's on that i tried in vain to upload and show you last week! :( My life, lol at it.

Today i got back from work, well went to Ami's after work and then walked Mike to work for something to do, i didn't get home until about half eight... i went to sleep until about twelve and i've been up since, i'm not even that tired, i need to make some bottles up and empty the nappy bin have a cigarette and make tea but other than that i've done everything i need to do, other than obviously picking the baba up but i'm not picking him up until five so i have fifty minsish.

I have a really really really bad headache...

Oh hey, the new asda store opens june 29th at 10am. Excitement, i'm not even going to bother going for the first week or two though, i'm not thick, it's going to be RAMMED!

Zoie and Ami have had an argument, well it's probably sorted by now but i haven't blogged in ages, i'm trying to fill you in on everything i can think off...

Laura from work is having a party monday but i'm not going because i'll have baba

Steve wants me to work bank holiday weekend but i can't due to lack of babysitter and due to disliking lack of sleep... (it would involve 60 hours without sleep which i simply refuse to even try for £5.10 an hour lol)

I am wearing almost entirely purple, actually i'm wearing a purple scarf and a purple hat and a purple jacket with a brown belt jeans and brown shoes, so not really but still.

I'm going to go and change my jacket though cuz it only has short sleeves and it's freezing.

Me and Robyn had a big row, did i already tell you about that? Well, i called her up on the two pregnancys in three months bullshit anyway and now she's not speaking to me and to be frank i couldn't care less because i don't need people like that in my life.

I had my college interview yesterday and i have a place on a course... Btec national certificate level 3 fashion & clothing & hopefully in a few years i will go to london college of fasion maybe...

Justin has a tooth, but i think i already told you that too.

He's still doing fine on his new routine...

I hate trying to cram a week into one blog... lol.

Especially when i have to go now to try (probably in vain) to find a pair of black shoes that aren't so soaked i could just KILL MYSELF! argh, i'm pmsing majorly right now.

I need a cigarette...

I guess this is what i get for going without a period last week... lol.

Grrr, stress, i'm hungry and have a very small amount of food and do not plan to go shopping until tuesday...

Actually i have a fair bit of food but i have a very small amount of food that i can go into the kitchen and eat immediately and i am far too lazy to actually make something i may have to have peanut butter on toast or something almost instant like that, or just regular toast, that wouldn't be too bad, damn i still need to find shoes, or something anyway...

Tattybyes to all lots of lurrrrrveeeeeeee....

And because i'm feeling like a cheesy cow today majorly i would like to sayyy....

I lovee my boyfrrieeendd very muuucchhh..... :D

I feel bad, i haven't blogged all week and i still haven't been able to upload last weeks blog. But i'm here now!

I've been so busy but i can't think of anything to tell you lol. Hmm, what gossip do i have...

Well, my little brother has a new girlfriend bless his cotton socks.

Okay, i'll start at the start though i can't remember anything interesting happening monday so i'll leave that out.

Me and Ami went shopping tuesday as per usual and had breakfast at morrisons as per usual and the toast was AMAZING as per usual and the pram nearly toppled over as per usual lol.

Then she came back to mine and we had a merry time and we made cakes with Mike and Justin broke my glasses and i couldn't see anything and Mike had to take them up to my dads to get some celotape to fix them so now my glasses are being held together with tape... So Harry potter esque lol. I need to go to the opticians.

Then Mike got really bad sugar rush and had to go to bed to sleep it off so me and Ami watched Music and Lyrics which is a really awesome film... :) and then Ami went home and i went to bed...

But then i wasn't very well and spent most the night in the bath/on the bathroom floor.

& then me and Mike spent practically all morning yesterday in bed and it was fucking wonderful. Except i got out of bed when Anita came round and obviously to feed Justin and such and then Mike had to go around two which was alright because i had my residents meeting at two which was terribly boring.

Then a bit later me and Kirsty went up green lane and to veira's and just chilled and chatted and i met her new boyfriend who seems nice.

Then i came home and well that was pratically it.

Sometime today i think me and Kirsty are going up town and then at 7 we have a break dancing class lol :)

I text Keira earlier to see how she is and turns out her fella got hurt in afgan and he's in hospital!!! :( But aparently he's okay its just a back injury and he is getting better with physio

Justins having a little moan because he's tired bless him so i'm gunna be off lol :) ly all ttfn x


I can't believe i still haven't been able to post last weeks entries, i feel bad. Especially since this is only my second entry for this week, sorry all... :(

Justin was ill yesterday poor thing i think it was just something he ate mind because he is fine now, i felt bad though because i promised Mike i'd go down to see him and i couldn't because Justin was ill, poor thing, oh well these things happen.

I really can not not not be bothered with work tonight! :(

Mike can't babysit tonight so my dads bringing the travel cot over in a moment so that Lou's mom can babysit lol.

Justin's just gone back to bed for a nap bless him he woke up half hour early this morning, not sure why but hey lol. :)

Oh god yeah, the breakdancing class, it was impossibly hard and turns out me and Kirsty can not breakdance or dance of any kind for that matter so to kind of help us get into the swing of things we are going to try (depending on if i can get a babysitter or not) to go to the salsa lessons on mondays and the contempory (i can't spell) classes on a tuesday.

Kirstys determined to learn and is buying a street dancing lessons 1 dvd bless her to be honest it would be wicked to be able to do it there was some girls there who had been going for five years and they were amazing lol.

I really really can't be bothered with work tonight, i'm exausted already and it's only 10am lol. And im petrified that James will turn up and cause trouble since he said he was there not last week but the week before... Steve said he'll sort things out if anything happens though lol.

Awh, Justin's crying but he really is tired the poor thing bless him. I've decided that i really really do have to go on holiday some time soon, i've also decided that i really can't afford to go to the graduate fashion week thing in london, at all. :(

Kirsty recons we should all go bowling soon but the only babyfree night i have where i don't have work is the 12th of june, i THINK, i'll have to double check next weekend but i think it is so we're going bowling then apparently lol.

I can't have a cup of tea because i have no milk, how upsetting is that, i ran out of milk yesterday so i haven't had a cup of tea since then how upsetting is that? :( lol.

I haven't been bowling in forever though, bowling is cool. Last time i went was when me and Mike and Kurtis and Lauren went, that was a wicked night though, mainly because that film we went to see afterwards was really good lol. :)

Theres youth council training next tuesday and i have no idea what is going on with me because i've ben told i can't take the baba but noones been in touch with me about the child care they're supposed to be helping me with... lol. shame really. and there's a ukyp thing soon as wel but i can't remember for the life of me where i've put the letter...

Surely my dad should be here by now? He phoned me about ten mins ago saying he'd be about ten mins, i want a cigarette but i don't want to go for one incase my dad turns up because then i'd have to put it out to go down and help him with the travel cot, and obviously let him in... lol.

Sometimes you know, i can't help but feel like i've taken/am taking way way way too much on...

I mean first there's Justin, and i know that isn't exactly something i've taken on but like, i have to look after him and stuff, and don't get me wrong i'm not complaining about it i actually love being a mom i really do i was just saying being a mom counts towards the things that i do...

Anyway then there's work, then theres baby group on mondays and thursdays and then theres three different dance classes on mondays tuesdays and thursdays and then theres my keyworking sessions which can be any time between 9-5 monday-friday and then there's the youth council stuff and come september i'll be going to college too!

It don't seem as much now i've written it down but sometimes it really does feel a little bit overwhelming, anyway i'm going to try and save up some money and i'm going to take Justin to tenby and drag Ami and Mike with me and probably as many other people as i can convince problem being i doubt i can save enough money to stay in a hotel and i'm not sure how babys feel about camping... lol.

My dads lent me another usb stick thank fuck so i can post all this at Lou's later if she'l let me.

I think i'm just going to add this onto the end of last weeks and post it all together with my sincere appolagies!! lol.

That, is beautiful.

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