Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Accept challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.

Accept challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.- Geroge S Patton.

You will not believe my life, my internet isn't working and i am not sure why so i can't blog, at the moment i am sat in mcdonalds using the free wifi. Becuase i wanted to blog that badly and also because i haven't checked post secrets yet, the most upsetting thing being, there's a filter on it meaning i can't check post secrets! How upsetting is that, lol. Anyway, i have the beggining of a blog i typed out the other day that i am about to copy and paste and then i will continue telling you about today lol.

I don't even know how long i haven't blogged for, i know it's been far too long though, you can't blame me, i am not abandoning you all, my laptop has been being very tempramental recently only turning on and off when it pleases lol. So i figure since i don't actually know when i bloged last i'm just going to give you a nice run down of the weekend and also tell you that some time late last week i read an amazing but bizzare yet fantastic book called invisible monsters by the person that wrote fight club who's name i can't remember and probaly couldn't spell even if i could remember, it's Chuck something, but either way it is one of the best books i have ever read, it's not the story, it's the way it's written. Okay so this weekend, here goes, James picked Justin up at ten on saturday as per usual and then ikea delivered my cot and sofa and highchair but i couldn't put the cot up because i promised Mike i would leave it and let him help so after downing a bottle of vodka (because i lik to drink damnit lol) i decided, "right then, let' put this sofa together" So i happily started putting my sofa together. and i know because it is my life you're expecting some kind of huge traumatic event to have taken place but oddly enough, it really didn't, well, i dropped the sofa on my finger and now i can't feel the tip of my middle right finger but other than that all is good and my sofa is sit onable and it is sturdy and i am very extreemly proud, anyway then Cathryn and Ami came over and we had a merry little chill at mine before going up to Kirstys to see if she was coming the pub and she was like oh well i will meet you there at eight (this is at about seven) so we said okay and toddled on down to the coach and horses it was hilarious because there was so many people there that me and Ami knew from when we used to go to park hall, it was just funny. Mike met us there too, and considering we'd also had a drink at mine before we went to the pub by the time we left i was totally wrecked everyone was looking after me and i think it was hilarious, lol. Then we brought some more drink and went back to mine and it was fun we played that drinking game where you play songs and the first person to guess them gets a shot and me and Ami are wicked at it. :D haha. I was totally wrecked me and Mike had a strange conversation about if my boobs were my boobs, his boobs or my boobs that i ocassionally let him borrow and Ami's input were that they they're his boobs because we're going out to which i replied "well i like my boobs so i guess were not going out anymore" haha i did say sorry, obviously i didn't mean it i also asked him back out, he hasn't answered me so technically we're not going out, haha we are though. :) lol so it was a good night basically and then Me and Mike spent the day practically in bed yesterday until i picked Justin up around 5 and we went to the shop and then we had people over which was alright like but everyone was being stupidly loud despite me telling everyone to shh repeatedly so i didn't end up the happiest of people and kicked everyone out by like, 12. lol. It wasn't a bad night though, only now Louisa is being hella weird, apparently i can't phone her because i'm mad at her and she is never coming to mine again because she spilt alcohol on the carpet. She's convinced i hate her or something because she was being loud but in asll honesty that wasn't what annoyed me, she kept kicking Mike in the balls for no reason whatsoever, that annoyed me and i expect her to appolagise when she see's him next. So yeah, thats pretty much the 411, i've took Justins bottles down to 8 ounces now because he never finishes the 9 ounce ones, bless him. He literally practically refuses to eat anything i make him so i've ended up resorting to baby food which i didn't want to do but if it is all he wants then it is all he wants i'm going to use the boots organic rage though and i don't really want to be giving him any puddings or anything because to be fair they are just too sweet and i don't want him getting like obsessed with sweets and getting all obese and stuff because it isn't healhy, say's the girl who eats about 3 mcdonaldses a week but still, i'm a parent so i'm allowed to be a hypocrite now lol, well thats my excuse anyway. There's a song playing and i can't hear it even though it is on the laptop on my lap, lol. This place is a shit hole at the moment, like you know when you have people over and they don't trash your place, far from it but there's bottles and cans and sticky spillage spots and stuff everywhere, it's annoying i'm going to have a major big clean up in abit once i've blogged and checked post secret and drank the tea i'm making and had a cigarette and checked in on Justin. lol. My jaw is aching and i have no clue as to why. lol. It is shocking. lol. Awh, i gave my dad the shock of his life saturday when i made myself a cup of tea and drank it at his, i went over there earlier than Justin was being picked up so we could say hello and spend some time there, lol. It's bella's birthday on friday so i'm going over with Justin around four, i need to check my calendar this week, i know i'm busy as fuck but i can't remember what why where and when. I'm just going to make my tea so i'll be back in a moment. lol. Tea, tea tea. :D So what was i saying? Oh yeah about being busy and that, i am sillyly busy. I know i have a ky working session some time this week because i have to have one every week and i know my doctory person is coming over on tuesday and i know that i have a doctors appointment on thursday and i also know that i had really bad stomach pains yesterday and that if i get them again i'm going to have to make myself a gp appointment on top of all that, i need to go and do my shopping some time on tuesday and i also need to pop to the shops today because i need babyfood and few other bits and bobs that i can't remember, probably fags, problem being, i don't think i have any money left after having spent lots of it on alcohol over the weeked, dammnit lol. I'm shattered and i need to clean up and have a shower and then it will probably be time for Justin to get up and then i'll get him up and feed him at half ten and then he will go back to sleep but i need to go out and at some point i need to go to my dads to pick up the car seat because i left it there lol. I'll probably do that around half ten? i don't know, i need to do it before half 2 perferably so i have some nice bay food for Justin, saying that though i do have a tin of something or other i can't remember what. lol. Right i think i'm going to drink my tea and smoke a fag and then clean up this shit hole. I'm starving, perhaps breakfast first. And i would Just like to say that i am very very pissed off with th fact that my fucking computer/internet is happily connecting and therefor charging me money but it is also NOT LOADING ANY FUCKING WEBPAGES! i'm going to cry, actual tears, simply in extreme anger and stress. I'm trying once more and if it dosn't work i think i am actually going to throw my laptop off a very high building, and then follow it. There is no reason for these pages not to load, nothing is loading, bitch is that means i'm typing this all out for no reason, i'm so so so angry right now i actually want to rip somebody up limb by limb and tear their guts out. Wow i'm just so fucking angry this morning, i have no idea why but the fact that my internet/laptop is so fucked up in may aswell be fucking inbred isn't helping at all. I AM SO ENTREEMLY PISSED OFF I WOULD LIKE TO NOTE I FINISHED TYPING THIS AT 7:56AM, we will see what time it finally gets posted, if ever, i'm angry. lol.

LMAO. I was not happy, to say the least. I am now though, i'm munching tasty food and being online, even though i can't check post secrets! :( lol. I have like three meetings tomorrow and today i saw the anita woman from the newington but i saw her at mine which was pretty cool/different/more relaxed. Better i think but we didn't really get through much, in my opinion anyway lol. But i'm going to see Dr. pether thursday anyway lol. Me and Mike were having a serious talk about the possibility of moving in together (and that we wouldn't be doing it for a while, before anyone starts lecturing or whatever) and my phone battery died which isn't good, especially considering he's left his charger at mine lol. I'm making Louisa save and send me all of the post secrets! haha thats terrible but shes doing itr anyway becaue she loves me.. Justin is in his new room now in his new cot and everything and ive not heard a peep out of him, i don't mean now asin currently by the way i just mean i've moved him in lol. They're playing that song that (8)i dont wanna go to bed mad at you.... I LOVE IT. I can't really blog much because like, i'm in mcdonalds haha but like yeah, i had some people over sunday night it was good Zoie came and i havent seen her in like forever we've decided we need to meet up soon with the baba's :D lol, i spilt tea on my new sofa earlier because i'm clever, my new sofa is fabric, my new sofa is cream fabric, i hate my life lol. You can tell what kind of mood i'm in today i looked up at a sign saying don't forget your razor blades and thought it was telling me to kill myself lol.

Archie. Is Fucking Frozen And Has Developed Writer's Block says:
jess, i can bring them on a cd for you friday if its easier?
Please don't change, please don't break. says:
Archie. Is Fucking Frozen And Has Developed Writer's Block says:
havent got them all saved hang on
Please don't change, please don't break. says:
you dont understand how much of an addiction piost secret is for me
id give up smoking if i had a new selection of post secrets to read every day

Saying that though i am actually incredibly happy with life, so much so i could actually scream. :D
She's sending them. :D

Me and Mike had our first kind of row but not the other day, well he said "asif we had our first domestic" but i wasn't angry so i don't consider it a row lol, i was just upset, i won't go into detail because again, it's private but things are all good now incase you were curious. :D lol
Right i have to go, bye bye love you all will probably blog again, well i don't know, friday or something if i can get my internet working then tomorrow but i doubt it lol. ly all.

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