Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy. - Anne Frank.

I'm back, for the week anyway. Well, possibly forever it depends if i can get my own mobile internet sorted out before Cathryn leaves Ami's, she's lent me her mobile internet thing you see. Which is good because i have so much to say. I can't believe how much i've missed blogging. Mind you i don't have much time to say things i have until half ten (Justins next bottle) to fit it all in, i also have to do the washing up and the ironing and put another wash load in and put some out to dry and vac up and have a shower. :) i love it. My new place is awesome guys. And to all those who know me as the messy person i am you will be plesantly shocked and supprised to see how tidy i'm keeping it especially considering i have no wardrobes and such, infact currently the only furni i have is two white chairs and a very small double bed the chaira from my support worker and the bed from my dear friend Carly. Hopefully though my uncle bob will be getting me some stuff soon and my community care grant should come in within a couple of weeks so i can buy what i need then. Anyways like i said i have much to say but i will start with the baby news because i know its what you all want to hear most!

Justin is settling in supprisingly well, i remember when we moved to my dads and he screamed for almost a week because it was all new but he's been so good this past week not one tantrum, well he's too small for a proper tantrum but you know, not one screaming for no reason stressy type thing and considering he also has teethies coming through that's pretty damn good. As you all know i was giving him baby rice in the afternoons starting the whole weaning thing and i'm also trying to give him half a rusk in the morning but i keep addding far too much milk and winding up having to give him a full rusk. This started three days ago, but he's not complaining so i may aswell carry on now. He dosn't like to go to sleep in the mornings after his half 6 bottle anymore so he's next to me chattering away and talking about him chattering away, he said dada about 4-5 times now, once to Mike which was fun lol. Shame his "dada" isn't around to see it, who by the way for whatever reason has decided to have Justin for only one night a fortnight now 10am saturday until 5pm sunday, shocking right? I'm discusted but hey, what can i do? I'm chuffed to have him or the longer time but sicked that he dosn't care enough to try and see his own son more often, i'd die if i was away from Justin for two bloody weeks, i could hardly handle just the weekends lol. He's getting so big now it's amazing, he's 23 weeks old, almost six bloody months, i'm going to need to change his bottle teats soon, i wonder if his dad will be competent enough to do the same, or am i asking a stupid question? Yeah, i thought so, shame.

Oooh, you know what is a bitch/a big ol slap in the face, council tax, WOW, moneys lol. I need to sort out some sort of a budget because i have gas and electric and water and such to pay now. lol. It's not too bad though, talking about money i need to check my bank and hope that my money has gone in, also i need to leave for chelmsley as soon as i've given Justin his half ten bottle because i need to give in my proof of child benefit and a utility bill at the housing so i can sort out my housing benefit apparently a bank statement is proof enough for child benefit and child tax credits so thats all good. lol. :)

Justin has a new baby swing that Carol next door to my nan & grandad gave us, he loves it lol bless him you should see his little face when he's in it. Anyway back onto the food i'm not giving him baby rice in the afternoons anymore because i thought i'd try some food so at the moment he is having banana and i've never seen anyone love banana more lol he smiles and giggles and laughs when i give it him problem being i paticulaly like it to, whatever he dosn't eat of it, i do! hahahaha. Going to try him on carrot soon and see how that goes and hopefully after a little bit i will be ale to just give him what i eat but obviously babyfied (like all mooooshed up and stuff) I'm going to take him to the baby clinic thursday and get him weighed and talk to the health visitor about his foods. :) I think last night was the first or perhaps the second night i spent here alone, it wasn't bad at all i was expecting to get all paranoid as i do and have a terrible night but it was all good, Mike's stopped over most of last week you see lol, he won't be doing it again when he has work though because he's had to get a taxi every time and it's silly to waste money like that. lol.

I don't think i'm seeing him again now until Saturday lol, and incase you hadn't guessed, we're still together and everything is going all good and merry lol. :) I feel bad though because i had no money on his birthday or valentines day but i shall make up for it when i do, whenever that may be. Poverty is no fun lol.

I've had to stop bathing Justin every night because he has a cold still and i don't want to make it worse so i'm doing it every other night now just until he's better and the weather is abit warmer lol. :) We haven't been swimming for two weeks now because of his cold bless him but i'm hoping to be going this week because he seems alot alot better.

Ohhh i have a new hair cut/style/whatever because i dyed louisa's hair (black with two purple streaks at the front that were supposed to be pink) So she decided to blob my head with Pink dye and i had to call Ami to urgently come and sort it out! lol so now it is much shorter and red. :) How cool. It's funny because when me and Ami were talking about my rocky horror picture show party and me wanting to be columbia we were saying how i'd have to dye my hair red lol.

Bless Justin i'm in the kitchen now and he's in his swing and all i can here between his chatting is the occasional strain lmao bless him he's so adorable. Eurgh this place is a shit tip this morning. Well actually it isn't, it is quite tidy, but i need to do the washing up and tidy up a little more lol. And obviously sort out everything i need to take to the housing later, infact i think i might do that now, hang on. I can't find my proof of child benefit so hopefully the bank statement will be okay but just incase i've got my proof of child tax credits ready. I've phoned up everywhere and changed my address the only thing left to do sorting stuff out wise is go down to the doctors and change my address there and then sort out my tv license but as at the moment i don't have any tv channels and such i don't really see that as a huge problem and i can go to the doctors on my way to chelmsley today.

There's something i keep meaning to say and then totally forgetting what it is lol. Clever me right? lol oh well i'm sure it can't be that important if i can't remember what it is. lol. Me and Ami and Cathryn made muffins yesterday and pastaey cheese. I understand that it is supposed to be cheesey pasta but if you had seen the pasta to cheese ratio you would agree with me. lmao.

I have a residents meeting at 2pm today so i can't be too long in chelmsley, i won't get there until about 11 half 11 but hopefully i won't be too long in the housing, then again though i could do with picking up some shopping too, i guess it depends how long this meeting is because if it isn't too long i could always go shopping afterwards if i buy a daysaver? lol, clever me. What a good idea. Wow, it's so much less boring here with something to do other than just clean lol i enjoy blogging it makes me feel less lonely, not that i am very lonely person because i'm not, i just get bored and lonely when it's just me and Justin because well oddly enough he can't really hold a proper conversation lol. Not that i don't try, i think Justin knows more about me than anyone else because i know he can't tell anyone and will still love me no matter what i tell him because he dosn't understand a bit of it lol. :D Anyways i think i'm going to go and shower and do the washing up and sort out my clothes and such so that is all for now, i know the only detiails of this week i've given you have been baby related but i can't be bothered with filling you in on my social life when we all know that this next week will probably be nearly exactly the same in that respect so i can tell you then. Love you all, hope you missed me.

I hate when this happens, it's not even half 8 and i've done everything i need to bar go out which i can't do until i've fed Justin, who is chattering and squealing happily in his little swing grinning his little head off and dribbling like a waterfall. We're having a little sing song to hello goodbye lol. I'm talking to amber online and it's a shame because with James' new arrangement i'm never going to get to go to hers and she won't come down here because she dosn't like to travel on her own lol. I'm sure we will work something out though lol. I look such a state today it isn't even funny but i don't care lol, i can't be bothered too because no matter what i wear it won't change the fact that I'm having a chubby face day. :( lollolololol. Justin's such a happy baby, it's lovely. :D I don't know what to do now there's nothing left to do, i do need to make up some more bottles but i've got to wait for the water in the kettle to cool down abit first lol. I'm trying to work out how much i have going out monthly...
my electric is like £44 a month and my water is like £18 a month i don't know about my gas yet my phone bill is usually around £50 a month a pack of nappies and a tub of milk a week comes to about £14 a week so like £56 a month my council tax is £89 a month & obviously shopping on top off that but god knows how much that will be. lol. That alone comes to £271 lol. Gosh, well i'm doing my budget with my support worker next week anyway so it'l all work out. Anyway i'm off for a fag. :) leaving the laptop here so Justin can listen to some music lol. :)


  1. Just to say, If you get housing benefit you should also qualify for council tax benefit?which will mean you would pay either none or a lot less than the full amount, its worth finding out Jess