Thursday, 25 December 2008

Just merry christmas for today.


Well, Justin finally went to sleep around 1am so so did i, but i've just woken up and can't get back to sleep, Lou is due home soon though i think so i may stay up for her. :) I think she said about 5. So... I spent my first hour of christmas day rocking Justin to sleep, listening to an overly energetic hamster on a wheel and watching family with Josie. :) Merryment to the max, i've actually enjoyed it so far. :) lol. I wonder what time Justin will wake up in the morning/day considering how late he went to sleep. Hopefully not too late because i've only got him for the next 8 and a half hours. Oh my, thats not long at all, shall i get him up now? Haha i'm joking obviously but still, that really isn't very long. I may dance and sing upon Lou's return for the christmas joy, on second thoughts i'd wake everyone up haha that would not be good. I shall do a merry christmas mime act... hahaha, i'm wicked lol. I'm quite upset that i text everyone in my phone book at ten past twelve saying merry christmas and only got about 5 replies back, and before someone makes a funny quip i have alot more than 5 people in my phone book! lol. Cold cold cold, i am cold. I wonder how long Lou will be, i can't for the life of me get back to sleep and it is gettng rather annoying, to say the least. Ah well, the alcohol later shall give me false energy to dance and sing and scream and shout and then i shall probably pass out until tomorrow and wake up with a pounding headache and no recollection of christmas day. :) Funtimes funtimes. I'm bloody freezing, and i swear when i looked at the clock a moment ago it said 4:42 but now it says 4:37, time is going backwards i swear it! Lou's back. :D

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