Friday, 6 February 2009

What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?

What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness? - Jean jacques Rousseau.

I'm not taking Justin swimming today because neither of us are very well, i was going to do lunch with Louisa instead but we're both abit too poor. Oh well. :) I got a voicemail this morning, I GET TO MOVE IN ON MONDAY. the 9th, this monday, oh my oh my oh my. Happy as larry, not that i know anyone called larry. Me and Ami designed a tattoo yesterday. Well i thought of it and ami drew it. It says well i can't tell you exactly because my phone has frozen but something along the lines of "nothing in life is permanent" which i think is well clever because tattoo's are generally permanent. and then there's a pretty butterfly at the end. :) I'm just not sure where to have it yet. I'm thinking my left outer thigh. :) But high enough that it dosn't look tacky when i wear a mini skirt. lol. Which isn't that often but still. :) I'M SO HAPPY, I GET TO MOVE IN SO SUPER SOON AND I'M LISTENING TO MATCHBOX TWENTY AND I AM HAPPY. Happy, that is all i have to say, well i don't think there's much more to say. I'm very colourful today. I'm wearing a yellow vest top and a purple cardie and a brown belt and my coat is blue. :D And i am happy and i love my life and i am happy. I have a blister on my thumb and i have no idea how it got there. How upsetting lol. I need my waxing done soon every time i have a shower i cry inside because i'm so hairy lmao. I'm going to have to do it myself if it's going to be too much longer. lol. I need a cigarette. lol. Justin is supposed to be having a nap right now because he was falling to sleep with his half ten bottle but he is wide awake now so i've got him up to do dancing and now he is on his playmat having a chat with the butterflys and listening to matchbox twenty with me. :) He likes them, so he should, he saw them live before he was even born! lol. That was a happy day, like today, today is a happy day. I am going to need to get all my stuff from James' that i can imagine will not be fun at all. I'm not going on my own though, i wont, i refuse to. I'll drag Ami with me or something lol. I would drag Mike but i'm sure even readers that do not know me know that would not be a clever idea hahahaha. Oh yeah, i've got a leaflet about naming ceremonys now because i figure if James wont talk to me about this christening then i may aswell just do it myself and i don't even want him christened. I'm not religious its like a family thing in his family or whatever lol. I just want him to have, something. lol. Damn i have backache. Damn, i'm too happy to care. I f this dosn't bring me down a notch i don't know what will, Konstantine just came on (if you haven't heard it i suggest you find it and listen) it is 9 mins and 45 seconds (I THINK) of sheer amazing and beautiful depression. Bye bye. x

Thankyou for the comments yesterday. :) I picked up the keys for my place today and looked around and stuff. It's a proper lovely place. I'm well happy about it. lol. Moving in over the weekend. Need to call bob and ask him if i can borrow him and a van this weekend so i can move the double bed carlys giving me from hers to mine lol. Because i am the impatient type i really want to go to asda/ikea/somewhere now and buy some bits and bobs and stuff but i know i shouldn't i already have some stuff but obviously it is at James' and i can't get in touch with him at the moment but i've spoken to his mom and i am hoping he will ring me or something at some point. lol. I'm going to be off now anyway to ebay things like sofa's lol.

Hello all, just spoke to James on the phone, major lol. He was asking for Mikes address so he could file for divorce on adultery grounds. I think he thinks i care? lmao. In all fairness i don't care HOW we get divorced as long as we do! lmao. I really can't stop lolling. So much to do tomorrow though it isn't even funny. Meeting Mike at some point and then going to James' to pick up some stuff, possibly taking it down to my new place along with some stuff from here and then i'm going to see Carly and either going out or staying in but either way seeing Carly and staying at hers and then sunday i'm pubbing with Lou & Mike & also moving stuff from here to there & then on monday i imagine ill be doing the same lol. I think i might be going to ikea monday night also, i'm not sure though lol. I'm still lolling at James, how ridiculous and petty. He was going on aswell "tell Mike to meet me one on one" and all that shit giving it the biggun lmao lmao lmao lmao, i kindly reminded him of the scar on his lip. :) lolz. My back is killing me i might have an early night tonight lol. I NEED TO GET MY WAXING DONE. I might have to just do it myself or like shave or something because it is getting really really ridiculous lol. I don't know how much longer i can wait haha it is vile. I'm starving, chips tonight, well excited lol.

I have just read every entry on The Daily lifeku, i love it, it's going in my links. That is all.

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